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According to CMVR Act Rule Number 50, all the owners or vehicles be it two wheeler or four wheeler are required to install High Security Number Plate, it is mandatory to follow this rule for people residing in Uttar Pradesh, it is followed by all the states. The main objective of HSRP is to easily identify the vehicles that are stolen and use duplicate number plates. You can check the procedure to apply for [Apply Online] UP High Security Registration Number Plate (Bike, Car) Apply Status @Book My HSRP Portal.

UP High Security Registration Number Plate

This article explains the High-Security number plate registration for Car and Bike owners in Uttar Pradesh. It is mandatory for all the two and four wheeler owners to install a high security number plate in Uttar Pradesh. You can find all the necessary details regarding it in this article. We have explained the application procedure @ bookmyhsrp.com below.UP High Security Registration Number Plate

Recent changes/updates in process of application of HSRP – UP 

The process of booking Higher Security Number Plates and color coded stickers has been simplified for the owners of vehicles, and the number of fields to be filled in form has been reduced to half. Lets have a look at change of application process of HSRP in UP State:

  • From here onwards, customer need not fill all the details of their vehicle, instead they have to enter their vehicle number, the details integrated regarding the vehicle database with HSRP Portal will be fetched. 
  • Customers have to fill the last five digits of engine and chassis number, if there is any mismatch in case the customer has the option to upload RC photograph and front and rear number plates (it is for laser code while booking color coded sticker)
  • Since November, company has received 3.8 lakh orders for HSRP, 1.90 lakh for color coded stickers, also it is expected to grow more, the number of dealers where people can take appointment from for HSRP  has increased.
  • The company has also came up with an application where in a SMS goes to the customer and the dealer, they come to know about once the plate is dispatched from embossing center arriving to the designated office for affixation. 
  • The rider fitters will have to enter photographs in the app conforming their affixation is been done, SMS will be sent to the dealer as well as vehicle owner for the same. 
  • The rider fitters are expected to increase as they provide home delivery services for affixation. 
  • The company has also launched a separate helpline numbers/emails for enquiry and some specific grievances that are related to affixation at  HSRP dealers and home delivery. 

Book my HSRP – UP Portal (Car, Bike) | UP High Security Registration Number Plate Application

Lets take a look on the procedure to book an appointment for cars and bikes on the official website. This is for those who reside in UP and wish to register online. 

  • Firstly, visit the official portal of UP Book my HSRP 
  • On the home page you will have two options to select from HSRP number plate + color sticker or only color sticker UP High Security Registration Number Plate
  • Click on the first option HSRP number plate + color sticker 
  • Then select as per your preference, Private vehicle (non-transport) – White plate or Commercial vehicle (transport) – Yellow plateUP HSRP Status Check Vehicle Type
  • When the applicant selects Private Vehicle the page redirects to further selection of fuel type
  • Select the fuel type such as Petrol, CNG, Diesel, etcUP HSRP Apply Online Fuel Type
  • Then select from the options given for the type of vehicle, two wheeler three wheeler or four-wheeler UP HSRP Apply Online Vehicle Type
  • After selecting the two-wheeler under the “Vehicle Type’, you will be directed to select one out of Scooter, Motorcycle, or Auto-Rickshaw.UP HSRP Apply Online Vehicle Make
  • After that, just select the brand of your vehicle.UP HSRP Apply Online Vehicle Brand
  • After that the applicant has to select the manufacturer of that vehicle
  • Select the name of state you reside in, UP or Delhi as both of the states have started registrationUP HSRP Apply Online State
  • Further the applicant has to select the nearest location from their place to HSRP dealer from where they can affix their HSRPUP HSRP Apply Online Dealer
  • Then applicants have to fill the information/details required  of their vehicle as a part of booking/appointment 
  • After this is done the applicants will have to enter their registration number, date, chassis number, engine number, vehicle type, mobile number, email id.UP HSRP Apply Online Booking
  • Then verify with one time password sent on your registered mobile number, select your date and slot
  • The last step is to make the payment through online mode, however they can enter GST number if registered, the order will be confirmed by mail or phone number 

Check UP High Security Registration Number Plate Application Status 

The applicants can follow the following steps:

  • First of all visit the Status checking page UP HSRP Status Check
  • Now enter your order number, that was given to you while you successfully applied for HSRP plate
  • Then enter the vehicle registration number 
  • Lastly enter the captcha that will be asked, then click on search to check your status of application 

Governments order on HSRP – UP 

The regional transport officers have met the HSRP dealers and have explained them about HSRP fixing process. Since the transport officials have done their job now it is upto dealers to create a portal and book online appointments for the installation of number plates, this has to be a very fast process, any owner of vehicle can seek an online appointment with his dealer at HSRP – UP. 

If the vehicle owner has relocated from any other city one bought vehicle from, then that person must visit any dealer of automobile brand in current city and if that city does not have a dealer, one must apply online for HSRP in their nearest district. But the owner of vehicle must ensure that he has cleared all his pending challan if any against the vehicle and its registration is valid, before applying online. 

The chip that is embedded in the HSRP number plates stored the details of ownership of vehicles in national database. Also the engine number and chassis number of vehicle is also stored in national database. In case of any stolen bike or car these centralized records are very helpful for identification. 

Verification of Vehicle Details at Vahan Portal 

On the other hand, a dealer has to mandatorily verify the details of vehicle from state governments Vahan Portal. The dealer has to inform the owner if the details don’t match. The owner must visit the regional office and get the details updated, for the vehicle owners who don’t get a confirmatory message from their dealers have to pay the fee online and then book an appointment. HSRP for a four wheeler is Rs.500 and as for two wheeler is Rs. 200 and the dealers are not allowed to accept manual application, once the HSRP is fitted the dealers have to update the information on Vahan Portal.

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